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Chrome Extension + Mac Menubar App

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Chrome Extension + Mac Menubar App

Hi LastPass development team,


Recently our company has been experience a number of issues with password autofill in the latest chrome extension update and the Mac menubar app.

My feature request is to create a chrome extension and a MacOS menubar app that actually autofill passwords and forms more often than not.


What we are experiencing across our entire team is mostly in chrome and we'll see that login forms or all forms last pass will just draw a blank when it pops up to autofill, we'll manually fill in the login credentials and last pass might 50% of the time offer to update or add a record for a site we know has already been added to the vault.


Other times the extension will completely fail and do nothing except offer a link to the vault. Opening the vault at the chrome extension URI will show that our vault is completely empty. So our instinct is to then search this empty vault which hangs for ~30 seconds uptime 5 minutes before loading any results. Sometimes navigating to the vault manually will provide us with an improved experience, sometimes it won't.

I've just reinstalled the MacOS menubar app on my Late 2022 16" MacBook Pro and I'm seeing an empty vault, using the search is slow, we have an upgraded account but the top toolbar shows [upgrade] and [free user] buttons??

Closing the vault window also exits the menubar app weird functionality for a menubar app, I would think the menubar app would remain running in the background when all the application windows have been closed?


I also found it strange that the menubar app requires the safari extension to be installed and enabled regardless of whether or not the end user is using safari as their default browser?? My hope was that the macOS menubar app would act as a replacement for the browser extensions that actually works instead of relying on those mostly faulty extensions. It seems to me like the menubar app performs more poorly and doesn't offer the functionality I expected.

As a paying business customer of what I thought was the highest market share password management/autofill software provider, I've been overall disappointed over the last 3 years and my disappointment has increased exponentially so over the last 3 days. At this point it has significantly slowed our business operations down company wide and that is not something we're willing to put up with much longer.

I noticed at the time of investigating ways to reach out to your support team this morning a banner across the top of your support portal attempting to manage expectations, something along the lines of "We're experiencing larger than normal call volume…" I can only assume this has something to do with your software functionality taking a sharp dive to barely usable or completely non-functional this past week.

Please advise us on comparable software providers that will happily take our money and provide actual reliable service instead of what we've been putting up with all this time.