Chrome extension UX problems and ADA conflicts

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Chrome extension UX problems and ADA conflicts

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Chrome extension UX problems and ADA conflicts

For the Chrome extension, I cannot select on the password via the extension on many sites because the extension puts the LastPass icon right below the password Show/Hide selector.  Due to ADA compliance, these selectors are often large enough that the LastPass icon is completely hidden.  See the example below from using the LastPass chrome extension with


Related: Because I cannot left click on the LastPass icon to select a password, I tried to right-click and then select my password from the LastPass drop-down menu. However, from this view, I cannot tell which account/password to select because my various usernames are not displayed. There is no way to know if I am about to fill in the correct password.  


To work around this issue, I am left-clicking on the LastPass icon on the username field, then copying the password for the correct user. Finally, I paste it into the password field. This approach is hardly the seamless integration that I expected from LastPass.


Due to these UX issues with LastPass' chrome extension, an "almost-great" tool has become "barely-tolerable."


Thank you.