Color coding character types in LastPass for iOS

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Color coding character types in LastPass for iOS

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Color coding character types in LastPass for iOS

i have lastpass on an iphone. my passwords in my vault have varying colors depending on if the characters in the passwords are letters, numbers or special characters. i see no way to turn this “feature” off. i just want plain single color for the whole password.

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Currently there is not an option to turn off the colour coding for different character types when viewing a password in your LastPass Vault in the iOS app, although this shouldn't affect how the password is entered or cause any issues with logging in using the saved password. I have passed your feedback along to our development team to suggest adding an option to disable this option, however, for consideration in future updates to LastPass.

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Hello RachelO,

There are a lot of people that are color blind or partially color blind.  I am partially blue-green color blind.  I am also nearsighted but wear contacts to correct it and it then affects my close in vision.  Unless I then put on reading glasses, the contrast in character color is very difficult to read.
Please consider having an option to turn this off.  I realize it is probably a feature to help viewers distinguish between a character O and a numeral 0, and other similar 1 and l, but this "helpful feature" being forced on all users can have adverse consequences such as what I describe.
Thank you,
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Has any progress been made on this? Like the OP said, I'm also color blind. There needs to be an option to change the font color. I can't see the red and barely see the blue. I have to go into edit mode to see my passwords. If this is a security feature, it's so good, some user's can't even read their own passwords.


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This is a real issue for mobile devices in "dark mode" (iPhone in my case). Blue text on a dark gray background is a very poor contrast design choice. Even if the LastPass team decides to not support turning off the coloring 26436.jpgfeature, I think most would consider this a "table stakes" readability/accessibility product concern that should be addressed.  See untouched screenshot for example. Thanks for you consideration!

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This is a real issue for me as I have color deficiencies that the color coding makes it hard to read the password. There should be a way to turn this.

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This is definitely an issue, and I’m shocked that this continues as a low priority feature.  Please fix this!