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Cookie Policy Opt-out Selection Detail

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Cookie Policy Opt-out Selection Detail

  In regards to your form "Your Choices Regarding Cookies on this Site", I would believe that an advanced technology and software capable company such as LogMeIn would have a description of what the Functional and Required cookies actually control as to better inform the users who are not fully up to date or tech savvy and to better educate the on line community as a whole. I would also think that there would be an individual cookie opt-out check  box option availability rather than only an entire group opt-out option. My suggestion is to incorporate these capabilities, which I have seen in some other technology based sites, into your cookie details/opt-out form.


   Note: Please forgive me if this is the incorrect or inappropriate forum to express this issue but, I couldn't find a more direct contact link (E-mail) on your LogMeIn web pages.


Thank You

Jabber Yakker