Custom Icons for Vault items

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Custom Icons for Vault items

Custom Icons for Vault items

Would like the ability to add/modify the icon associated with passwords.


Two Scenarios that I need custom icons:

1.  LastPass cannot find an Icon to apply to the password on it's own .  This happens on LOTS of sites, including local devices like my router web UI.

2.  When I have multiple passwords for the same site.  For example I have 3 of my own Microsoft accounts, plus i keep the password for my wife and daughter.  Would be nice to easily identify these visually.

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Sometimes, there is no picture for a certain website and sometimes, when you have more than one account on the same sites, these pictures are the same and it would be nice to have the possibility to change them.



New Member

Second that! LastPass misses A LOT of icons and it is very difficult to navigate, especially if you use it more and more.

I am hesitating to upgrade to Pro exactly because of that - the product is great but not entirely.

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By the way, I understand hesitation in storing a TON of people's individual icons for thousands of different sites.


While not ideal it would also be acceptable if we were just able to choose from a selection of "stock icons".  Like if there were 100-200 standard icons like "Financial", "Smart Home",  "Gaming", "Social Media", "Hobbies" etc....that would even be helpful.

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I agree - it would be awesome to have this level of customisation.

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ability to add custom icons where their not available from saved sites Instead of the default "PadLock" icon

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Yeah guys and girls in Lastpass, let us use our own icons. The generic icon with the lock (with different colours) doesn't make me any favor to visually distinct them. 

At least to choose from a stock icons database or use the favicons of the sites.

I am new in Lastpass community and I would love to see that! 

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It would also be great to upload an image of we create.

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It is nearly 2022 and we have had Fav Icons for long time but the way LP deals with them most of my sites are blank.

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I just started using LastPass and miss seeing the icons with a picture to resemble what the icon stands for or is representing? Dashlane has done this for many years and would appreciate LP doing the same.

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Makes no sense for this not to be a feature. Just started testing LastPass and I have a lovely set of padlock icons already. We need to be able to distinguish between the different sites easily. I'm looking for Password Manager to let (yes let) my father in law use and it needs to be clear what site is what. Would like to be able to hide options in the side menu, but that's for a different post.