Customer Submitted Credentials to Vault

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Customer Submitted Credentials to Vault

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Customer Submitted Credentials to Vault

Use Case

Businesses (Consultants, IT Departments, integration service providers) and numerous other businesses often handle customer credentials as part of their day-to-day tasks to fulfil tasks and outcomes. 


A large gap in the market today is the collection of credentials. Collecting customer credentials in plain text in Excel, Text or email for easy scraping username / password combinations. This poses a risk to both the customer, customer employee, and the receiving business and that employee both in terms of a data breach, transmitting sensitive information across insecure mediums and more. 


The Idea

The ability to use LastPass to invite a designated third party to submit a one or numerous username / password (credentials) directly into a vault on behalf of a business would remove the inherent insecure transmission and intermediate handling. 


The Upside 

The submission offers LastPass the marketing opportunity to brand or co-brand submission with the customer entity. Password submission and storage secured by Logmein and Lastpass. 


The Cross-Sell 

The ability for businesses to allow their customers to update submitted passwords based on policies in the admin panel.