Dark mode for LastPass android app and chrome extension

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Dark mode for LastPass android app and chrome extension

Dark mode for LastPass android app and chrome extension

Personally I use Chrome extension and android app of lastpass and prefer dark mode whenever possible.

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+1 to dark mode

it's about time we have this feature, all operating systems have dark modes today (win, mac, linux, android, ios), and everyday new web apps are adopting it.


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Our developers do plan to release Dark Mode for Android in the future, although we don't currently have a release date or any news to share just yet.

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Please dark mode for Chrome Extension. It burns so much!

See Screenshot of where dark mode is needed most (in my opinion)

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Browser plugins...dark mode...it's 2021.


I'm now paying to use LastPass and am surprised and disappointed to discover no dark mode option for the Android app nor for the Chrome extension, while such an option exists for the iOS app. 


Update urgently needed, please. 

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It's March of 2021. With the millions and millions you make, how have you not designated a tiny percentage of a fraction of your budget to giving something to users that they're begging for? 
iOS app now has it but the WORLD'S MOST USED OPERATING SYSTEMS, Windows and Android, don't have a dark mode. This is maddening and appalling. Get your **bleep** together, LastPass and LogMeIn.

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Not just that, @marinegeek23, I use it for 4 years, I'm a paid user, and LastPass feels and looks the same since I joined. I'm seriously considering switching to another manager.


Update: I moved to Bitwarden, it's also open source and can be self-hosted. Strongly recommend it.


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What's even worse is that the Dark Reader extension in the browser won't even work on the site/vault.  There should be an option somewhere to enable it or remove the restriction so that Dark Reader can do its thing.  This alone is putting me on the verge of switching.


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Bump!  Please prioritize this feature.  The last pass extension is the last non-dark app/site I ever visit.  I have lowered my HDR settings on my 4k monitor because of blinding effect.  I will start to wear my sunglasses or a welding mask when I open the extension instead.

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+1 please add Dark Mode in the LastPass Chrome Extension and LastPass web vault, it's 2021 for god sake....