Don't hijack browser history hotkey

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Don't hijack browser history hotkey

Don't hijack browser history hotkey

There seems to have been a recent change where lastpass is now highjacking default a common browser hotkey, ctrl+h, which normally shows you your browser history.


Now for some reason it's taking me to a lastpass page when I use that hotkey.


Please use any hotkey that hasn't been used by browsers since ie 1.0 or earlier.
There are lots of other hotkeys that could be used instead without colliding with common well-established hotkeys.

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New Member

It's launching the Vault, for which the shortcut *should* be Alt+Ctrl+H.


For me, in Chrome pressing Ctrl-H opens the Vault. Pressing Ctrl-H when in the Vault correctly goes to Chrome history. Ctrl-Alt-H also opens the Vault.


In Firefox Ctrl-H unpredictably sometimes opens the Vault and sometimes History. Ctrl-Alt-H doesn't work at all.


Seems pretty clear a bug's gotten into the extension.