Emergency Access in LastPass for Teams (and Enterprise)

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Emergency Access in LastPass for Teams (and Enterprise)

Emergency Access in LastPass for Teams (and Enterprise)

It would be really helpful to have the "Emergency Access" feature available within LastPass Teams.


The value of this seems reinforced by this support post: https://community.logmein.com/t5/Support-Discussions/Emergency-Access-in-LastPass-for-Teams/m-p/2342...


For a small company using LastPass Teams (which I assume is the primary focus of that offering), it is critical for a trusted colleague to have access to my credentials in the case of an emergency, if I ever were unable to perform my function as President/CEO.  I was hoping LastPass Teams would offer a similar "Emergency Access" feature as is available under the LastPass Personal and Family tiers.  Putting all my "executive passwords" in a shared folder that a trusted colleague could access 24/7 isn't a viable workaround.


As I think about your larger customers who use LastPass Enterprise, I assume they also don't have this feature.  As a general rule, I would expect a CEO to want their COO to be able to get emergency access to credentials that are otherwise kept private to a CEO.


We need this to work in Enterprise licensing as well.  

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Is this not a thing? Is there a workaround to this? How does one user gain access to another user's accounts?

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How does emergency access work for Teams?