Enable adding same password to many Shared folders

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Enable adding same password to many Shared folders

Enable adding same password to many Shared folders

Dear dev Team

Sometimes, the passwords I want to share with two different groups overlap. 

For instance, I have Social Media accounts shared with Marketing, but I sometimes also want to share Facebook-Spanish account with Spanish customer support team.


As of now the only way to do that = is not use Shared folders, and add all the members who need this password manually or create a copy of that password, and share the original with Shared folder and the copy using the Share feature.


Both are impractical. 


I I could add same item into two shared folders - i would be able to share all SNS with marketing and all Spanish SNS with Spanish-language support, without having to create copies or share everything person by person.


Please consider. 


New Member


I totally agree.

And I want to add a comment for a related feature.

It's not possible to share a folder and keep items categorized. Let me explain. I have for example 3 passwords I want to share: one is in my Business folder (category), one is in my Social folder one is in my Travel folder. If I want to share them with my another guy, using the Sharing Center, then I have to move them to another folder (let's name it 'Shared-Guy1'), and then I lost the old categories / folders.

It would be great to have those passwords with its category but in the shared folder.

If the dev team could separate the sharing option and the classify option, it could resolve sharing same folder for many people and keep them classified.

Thank you.


New Member

PLEASE add this feature.  I have a login to access multiple clients that I need to share with different team members (via different shared folders).  It's such a waste of time to keep multiple entries of the same login info updated.

New Member

We also very much would like this feature.  Seems like a piece of very basic functionality missing from LastPass at the moment.  It really hinders our workflow at the moment.