Enhancement idea: create means of managing equivalent domains within LastPass mobile apps

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Enhancement idea: create means of managing equivalent domains within LastPass mobile apps

Enhancement idea: create means of managing equivalent domains within LastPass mobile apps

For mobile users, please consider enhancing LastPass by developing a mechanism to manage equivalent domains from within the mobile app(s).


Currently, the abilities to add, remove, or modify equivalent domains are only available through the desktop site or browser extension.


Obviously, the current arrangement is problematic for people that only have free accounts and have opted to use the mobile app versus the desktop site.


Yes, I know that one could log into the desktop site a limited number of times to manage equivalent domains, but I would prefer to reserve that option for emergencies, and who knows when LogMeIn could decide not to support that option anymore for free accounts?

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Hi @Joy77Division,



Thanks for your feedback about adding a way to manage Equivalent Domains from within the LastPass mobile apps. Please do note that with the recent changes to LastPass Free, Free users continue to have access to essential features such as using account recovery, multifactor authentication, and generating a secure password on both computer and mobile device types no matter which is set as your currently active device type. You are also able to access Account Settings, Advanced Options, and Help (Support CenterVideo Tutorials) on all device types as well. However, you will not be able to view, add, or manage passwords and other Vault items on your non-active device type unless you upgrade to LastPass Premium or Families.


ref: https://support.logmeininc.com/lastpass/help/what-happens-if-i-log-in-to-lastpass-free-on-a-non-acti...


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I second this exuberantly. Adding equivalent domains in LastPass is not intuitive or convenient. 

Let's say I'm on mobile and I'm adding a new password...

The process of --  Go to my computer > log in  > Open vault > Account Settings > Equivalent Domains > Add > copy/paste domain names >  Add > re-enter your LastPass Master Password is, to put it nicely, a process I would only implement if I didn't ever want the user to add equivalent domains.

Even if I'm already on my computer this process is the antithesis of convenience.


I would certainly understand if equivalent domain management were a paid feature only, but, why not have an "Equivalent Domains" field below the URL field for that password entry, or better yet,  just allow the user to enter in comma-separated domains right in the URL field?

Am I missing something?


In any case, I have to believe there is a more optimal or, elegant solution to equivalent domain management.