Error in address book operation

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Error in address book operation

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Error in address book operation

When I first set a phone number in Last Past Address book it asked the country and added the +1 code.

The trouble with that is that I moved all my contacts out of my iPhone contacts and into LastPass address book.

So to make a call I copy the phone number from address book to the iphone dialer number entry line.

Then when I paste I get 1+1 10 digit number which mis-dials every time. So I called Last Pass Tech support and they said go into address book and turn off the country selection for that number WHICH THEN ERASES THE PHONE NUMBER.  So now I have to re-enter all my numbers. Thanks that a really great testing effort.


Finally peeve number two Paaahleeese stop using the Grey whole screen blank out feature it is extremely annoying and patronizing.