Favorite Certain Logins

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Favorite Certain Logins

Favorite Certain Logins



For several websites at work, I have a variety of different logins to use for testing/etc. Right now, the one account that i use daily is always at the very bottom of the list, and the accounts i use maybe once a month appear at the top of the list.  There are several ways this might be done, such as: option to just to remove some items from the suggestion list. Or to mark some items as 'favorite' that always appear on top.  or it helpful to be able to order the appearance of the logins in the Last Pass Suggestion list.



New Member

This should absolutely be a feature! Though it goes without saying, this should also affect which password is automatically filled.

New Member

Same issue. I have som logins when I am working over remote where I must copy user / password all few minutes. Will be great when the LastPass menu has a favorites folder. 

Also that I can add often used pages not working with auto fill.


 And in such cases LastPass last used function is not very comfortable: It does only regsiter pages I called over Last Pas but not pages I did manually copy user / password. Also that is a use case which should be pinned in last used...