Feature to select default credentials

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Feature to select default credentials

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Feature to select default credentials

I would like to suggest the following feature. 


The Feature

The ability to set a default log in credential when you have more than one for a specific website. 


The Why

There are several websites I use, for which I have 3 or more log in credentials.
Some of the credentials I use considerably more than others, so when I try to 

log in using LP, it often defaults to one of the credentials in my account that use the least often.

This means I have to click on the LP box and select from the dropdown, which sounds 

like a reasonably nominal task, but when I have to do it collectively hundreds of

times over the course of a day or week, it became so annoying, I started just 

deleting some of these log in credentials from LP and storing them in an excel sheet

and I even starting looking into password managers....


Please consider this feature. Thank you.