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Formatting Notes

Formatting Notes

Hi, I don't remember the first time I requested something similar, but at that time, we didn't have this space to suggest ideas. So, here I am.


I would like to be able to format my notes, especially changing the font family. I like to use monospace fonts, it is better when I want to check the passwords. Additionally, with monospace fonts, we would be able to add tables (, for example.


This feature should be available using the app or a web browser, obviously.


Kind regards,
Paulo de Tarso

New Member

Almost all my notes require a monospace font - for readability.

I can't understand why this was released in current form.

Regular Visitor

Line format for Notes missing in Android app. This is not an issue with Apple, Windows or PC browser. Bug?


Adjustable font size, color and underline will be great enhancements.

Active Contributor

No position regarding this? Will you take this suggestion into consideration? Will it be included soon or has the idea been rejected (even if there is no reason for the idea to be rejected)?


Note: I confess that I looked for alternatives to LastPass precisely because of this feature, which in my opinion seems to me to be a very stupid reason to lose customers due to simple ideas not being implemented.