Generate password without signing on to LastPass

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Generate password without signing on to LastPass

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Generate password without signing on to LastPass

I am a Lastpass premium user.  Great product you have.  


To use Lastpass I must first log on to it, and then because I use 2FA, I must also touch my YubiKey.  

That makes sense for most things.  However, the process repeats itself if I close my browser and open it up again (at least the YubiKey part) so it can be a little distracting, esp. if my YubiKey is not plugged into my USB port.


In any case, when I am not signed on but need a quick password generated (one that I may decide not to store in LastPass), I first need to sign-on to Lastpast, and only then can I generate the password.  It would be better if the option was available to generate a password without having to first log on.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Hello, and thanks for the feedback. If you would like to avoid logging in to LastPass, you can always use the web-based LastPass Password Generator here to generate a password, although you would need to log in to LastPass to save this new password in your Vault: