Generate password without signing on to LastPass

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Generate password without signing on to LastPass

Generate password without signing on to LastPass

I am a Lastpass premium user.  Great product you have.  


To use Lastpass I must first log on to it, and then because I use 2FA, I must also touch my YubiKey.  

That makes sense for most things.  However, the process repeats itself if I close my browser and open it up again (at least the YubiKey part) so it can be a little distracting, esp. if my YubiKey is not plugged into my USB port.


In any case, when I am not signed on but need a quick password generated (one that I may decide not to store in LastPass), I first need to sign-on to Lastpast, and only then can I generate the password.  It would be better if the option was available to generate a password without having to first log on.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hello, and thanks for the feedback. If you would like to avoid logging in to LastPass, you can always use the web-based LastPass Password Generator here to generate a password, although you would need to log in to LastPass to save this new password in your Vault:

Active Contributor

This is a low-effort add and useful to some people.  No reason not to do it.