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Hide empty folders

On a windows desktop you can switch from passwords to notes to other times simply by selecting the type of items you want to view.  However, when doing this I'm often left with are large number of empty folders since, for example, I only have notes in 4 folds but I have 20 folders with passwords.  It would really cleanup the display if we had the option to not display empty folders making it faster to find what I'm looking for.

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This is exactly what I came to suggest.  I am tired of scrolling past a long list of empty folders. A clean interface really sells.

New Member

Still an issue here. It is really annoying 😖. As a SW developer I can not image that this would be too hard to fix as this is not a logically challenging problem: if (folder.IsEmpty()) { folder.hide() } 😋

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Seriously, this request is in open for so long. Please fix this and help from having eye soreness looking at 100+ folders with 0 items in it.


Hope there is one developer having an OCD like me.


LastPass was kind of better before bought by LogMeIn

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Years later. 

How about a feature update? 

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Yes is 2023 and this is one off the biggest pain in the UI. Looking at my SSH Key category and I have two  entries under Work (last folder) out of 50 folders. Have to scroll forever.

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Still an issue - how many years on? 😩