Idea for improved search UI in LastPass app for iPad

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Idea for improved search UI in LastPass app for iPad

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Idea for improved search UI in LastPass app for iPad

Whenever I use the iPad Lastpass search bar (in portrait) the left hand list of results window is always obscured (results truncated) such that it is difficult to differentiate search results, particularly when they start with the same name.

It is natural to try and expand the result window column to the right so more of the filtered result text can be seen.... but alas this seems not possible.

This seems like an obvious UI improvement, since the current iPad search often gives some frustrating trying to see more of which result to select when they are named similar.

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I agree with this idea. The iPad LastPass app works very well with the exception of searched items being truncated. I often get frustrated with the app and just open LastPass through a browser on the iPad. Please consider improving the UI.

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Agree.  UX/QA miss without a good workaround.  Icon/graphics for each item on left and copy to clipboard on right consume over 50% of display width.  Item names get truncated making it impossible to differentiate.  Same for user names.  This and no list view (only tile view) make LP on the iPad an poor complement to the iPhone app or web interface.  Something to consider given how long it’s been this way and the growing competition in this space.