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Improve Autofill

Improve Autofill

Preface: What’s the problem and how does this fix it?
On a LOT of sites, lastpass fails to auto- fill information in both login and other forms.
(The situation is so bad that the UI makes it super easy to copy usernames and passwords to the clipboard manually so they can be pasted where needed by the user!)
But there’s an easy way to make this work MUCH better that the developers haven’t thought to implement and that uses information that didn’t exist back when lastpass was developed but IS now available on most sites.

(I realized this needs an explanation not just a lastpass developer would understand! Here’s the latter:)

Here's a way to fix to MANY auto-fill failures:
Pay attention to ARIA labels, like 
<INPUT aria-label="email" ...="" aria="" labels="" are="" rapidly="" becoming="" common="" on="" login="" forms="" />
They should be using normal HTML elements, not ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) but like many, many sites, they're not doing what they should, but they are doing what they're being forced to do, and that breaks down barriers for web security and password manager users and developers, in addition to enhancing accessibility or folks needing screen readers and such.

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I agree!

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I feel like lastpass is getting less capable in this department over time.

GOOD NEWS:  By googling disable onpaste javascript

one can find solutions to make many sites where lastpass didn't work or stopped working, work with it (again). 😎
Plugins, bookmarklets, etc.

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I have a similar issue in which LastPass does not autofill with certain logins that use the autofill option. When I am on one of these websites with a saved login, I click the browser extension, then click the login, it still does not fill the login credential. The LastPass extension does not correctly identify the login form fields on some web pages. One example is There are others too.


I followed the LastPass support instructions on but still have the issue on select websites. Could someone from the LastPass team look into this?

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Hi there! I just stumbled upon this thread and thought you all might be interested in trying the new version of autofill.


You can enable it from the vault in "Advanced Options" from the left menu.


I did try out the new version on the and we are able to identify the fields and autofill.



Let us know how what you think of it!

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Thanks, @andrew735. I enabled this in the Chrome extension by clicking "Open My Vault" and in the new tab, clicking Advanced Options, then 'Try improved save and fill'. Is this an advanced option instead of default because it is still in a testing phase?