Improve usability in folder navigation

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Improve usability in folder navigation

Improve usability in folder navigation

Please improve the usability of the folders in the LastPass vault. Specifically, please provide:

  • Smoother, faster scrolling;
  • A view of all the folders with less whitespace, requiring less scrolling


I find it awkward to navigate the folders in the LastPass vault. For instance, I just cleaned up my folders by dragging items from one to another, and getting the list of folders to auto-scroll was very clunky -- slow, with stops and starts. Folders between the source folder and the destination folder  would open as I tried to drag the item past them, and then I'd have to drag my item past the entire contents of that folder, hoping that the following folder wouldn't also open.  I think that smoother scrolling might prevent this.


It would be great to have a condensed list of folders available, without all the whitespace, to minimize the need for scrolling. Perhaps that could be available as an expandable item in the menu on the left.


(I access the vault through Chrome and Firefox on a Windows 10 PC.  This may well apply to other platforms, as well. I am a Premium user.)

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New Member

To add to this suggestion, I'd very much prefer an option to show the folders as a separate tree (like Windows Explorer or KeePass) and filter the items shown based on the folder. This could also allow for much easier drag and drop between folders.


I have a business account linked with my personal account with over 1000 entries across many folder and shared folders. Even with the list view in small mode it's still not easy to navigate if you're not sure of what you're looking for and let's not talk about moving items between folders with the non-filterable popup.


I'm on Chrome on PC as well, so I have plenty screen real estate to work with.