Increase the size of accounts shown.

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Increase the size of accounts shown.

Increase the size of accounts shown.

Whenever I load a site and want to scroll accounts to use, I can only see the first whole account. Why are there so many visible menu items? I am using a 13 inch laptop, incredibly common I imagine.


Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 10.42.19.png

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hello, and thanks for the feedback. You can click "View all Fillable Items" to see a full scrollable list of all the entries in your fault for the site, and I have also passed your feedback along to our development team for consideration in future updates.

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Long time LP user, first time posting on this new Community site. I agree 100% with this suggestion. Sites like Google, Apple, credit cards/banks etc where one family can easily have 2 or 3 different accounts on the same computer are frequently a pain due to the available accounts being so small. As a developer, who's a part of multiple GSuite organizations, I have 42 fillable items on Google! Obviously an edge case, but imagine scrolling that list 1.5 items at a time! Even the fact that the 2nd option gets cut off just feels weird.

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Also for what it's worth, when trying to figure out which menu options to hide and which not to, here are my opinions from over 12 years of using LP.


Always show on main menu:

  • Fillable passwords for the site (at least up to 5, if not more - this should be dominant)
  • Vault
  • Add
  • Generate

Can be hidden under a submenu:

  • Recently Used
  • All Items
  • Security Dashboard
  • Account Options
  • Log Out

The number of times I use the 4 items in the first list is orders of magnitude larger than the number of times I use the items in the bottom list. I imagine others have similar experiences.

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Same Problem, Been using LP since it was born. They have only rarely solved problems I needed help with. And this one is another one. Last pass used to have many helpful features, but little by little they have dropped them or changed them to make them seriously more user UNfriendly.


Having to scroll through matching items for a site is one of many fundamental flaws. It's another example in a long list of LP losing its PW Manager Sense. LP, please fix this NOW.


Last complaint; I know from my experience that the "NOW," or even shortly after, probably won't happen.