LastPass doesn't recognize source of app

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LastPass doesn't recognize source of app

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LastPass doesn't recognize source of app



I have lately downloaded Hulu to my phone. 

When prompted to fill in user and password, I have been suggested forms of netflix, facebook and some other random different app.

I didn't have Hulu credentials saved on my LastPass account. Sadly, there was no option to add credential, just to pick one from the random apps mentioned above.

While filling the info manually, a popup of saving the password was shown, but disappeared immediately, as another popup from Hulu was shown.

I would have expected either of these:

1. Always allow to add credentials, even if there are saved credentials that fit the app I'm trying to log into.

2. Make the "Save Password" saved as a notification, so it won't disappear when a losing the prompt.


Hope it makes sense.