LastPass in Landscape Mode?

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LastPass in Landscape Mode?

LastPass in Landscape Mode?

Hi. I am using Huawei Matepad Pro tablet, and it seems that LastPass is only available in portrait orientation and does not switch to Landscape orientation. This is annoying as I'm always using my tablet in landscape mode, and I have to change my tablet to portrait orientation again whenever I'm required to login my LastPass.


I hope the developers can add the feature to allow LastPass to change to Landscape mode when I'm using my tablet in Landscape orientation. 


Much thanks.

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Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this idea along to our development team for consideration in future updates. While we don't have an ETA to share our developers hope to be able to add this in to a future update to the LastPass app.

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I have the same issue on a Samsung S6 lite

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So here we are in2022, two years on from the previous member enquiry and LastPass still doesn't work in landscape mode on our tablets. Pretty poor, don't you think?