Lastpass Security Dashboard delete as "Action" option

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Lastpass Security Dashboard delete as "Action" option

Lastpass Security Dashboard delete as "Action" option

The dashboard lists passwords that are old. The only optio on that page is to "Change Password". A dropdown menu would be great to allow "Delete" that site, instead of having to go back to the vault after making a paper list of the offending sites.

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This would be useful for sites that no longer work as well.

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I concur with this suggestion.


The Security Dashboard has a nice viewpoint at all your passwords that require attention. Let's just provide proper options to manage them.. either delete or edit them, not only the 'change password' which essentially spawns a new tab to go to the website. 

So basically, security dashboard should, in my opinion, provide a proper interface to manage the passwords that already need attention, one way or another

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Having used Lastpass for about a decade I had a lot of offending sites  in last pass to accounts that where probably deleted a very long time ago.   Given there was no link from the Security Dashboard to the edit page it required a lot of back and forward.    So atleast I have reduced my list of offending sites so now I can concentrate on the sites I am actually using now and not 6 years ago.