Launch button should be available in website

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Launch button should be available in website

Launch button should be available in website

When using the Chrome or Firefox extensions, if you lookup a website password you have a "Launch" button, EXCEPT if you are already on that domain. Then it switches to "Fill" instead. 


This means that if I'm sitting on the homepage I CAN'T use the lastpass widget to get to the login page. I have to either close out the website and re-find it in the widget to Launch straight to the login page. Or copy and paste the link to the login page and go manually.


I have a lot of wordpress sites and their login pages are only available through direct link.


Long story short, the "Launch" feature should always be there, no matter if you're already in the website or not.

New Member

Exactly. It's driving me nuts to have to open a new tab or change tabs before looking up a website on the LastPass extension, especially since the "Launch" feature will open another tab automatically.

New Member

I don’t know why LAUNCH is not available for some sites. Is this something to do with changes by the site rather than Lastpass?