Linking Credentials

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Linking Credentials

Linking Credentials

Particularly in technical support business environments, agents sometimes have a main account (tipically AD) that is used for several tools.


One typically has to store all these different tools accounts in LastPass separately, as they have different links and specificities.


It would be extremely useful that, all these tools accounts that use the same username and password, could be linked together, so that, when one updates the main account all other linked accounts would update as well.


This would greatly benefit the users as they would only need to worry in updating 1 credential in LastPass, instead of having to update many different instances of the same credential.

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New Member

Is there a way for me to upvote this request? This feature would be very useful to me (and the organization I work with). Another solution would be to allow multiple URLs in one credential.  I got here because I keep getting the "Password at risk!" warning about using the same password on multiple sites, but since they are all linked by AD, there is no way to have separate passwords.