Make Equivalent Domains Useful

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Make Equivalent Domains Useful

Make Equivalent Domains Useful

This feature is impractical to use. Here are some minimum suggestions:

1. SORT the list of domains

2. SEARCH the list

3. ADD equivalent domain during password entry


1 & 2 are obvious, self explanatory and should have been added long ago. 

3 - Many sites use 3rd party services to manage authentication and transactions. Make it easy to establish the equivalence.

New Contributor

I have reported 1 & 2 to support yesterday, so I support these as UI improvements.

New Member

4.  Include a button on the "Duplicate Password" warning, so that with a simple click, the user can add the two domains to the equivalent domains list.


Active Contributor

5. Combine one or more lines of entries.


Completely agree with this. The present tools for managing equivalent domains are very poor.

It is a fundamental part of managing passwords now as most sites use some form of there own authentication domain. Also App url's / identifiers differ from web domains.

And yet the set up to raise awareness of duplicate credentials is pretty good.


New Member

This is infuriatingly difficult to use.  Maybe when you detect re-used passwords, just ask if they're on an equivalent domain.  At this point I just disable the alert on sites/passwords that I know aren't a problem as it's so much easier to do.