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Make TOTP easier to use

Make TOTP easier to use

When logging into a site in Chrome, it is possible to fill the username and password fields by right-clicking and selecting from the context menu. This is very convenient because it keeps my mouse pointer right near where the UI designer intended it, and makes it easy to click the next button.


However, if the site uses TOTP as a second factor, there's no option to paste the TOTP token from the context menu. Instead, I have to move my mouse all the way up to the top right of the window, select it from the extension's menu, and return to paste it. That's a lot of extra movement and steps that could be avoided by simply including it in the context menu.


Request 1: please add a "Fill TOTP" and/or "Copy TOTP" option to the context menu in Chrome.


I use the LastPass TOTP functionality and an authenticator app interchangeably. For shared corporate accounts, the secret is in LastPass so it can be shard with other users. For personal accounts, it is in my authenticator app on my phone. It is sometimes hard to remember which is where.


At the moment LastPass always shows the "Copy TOTP" option even when no secret is configured. Worse, clicking on it with no secret does nothing. If I have a token in my clipboard from the last login and then click it again for the next, I still have the wrong token. It then takes a moment to realise what's happened and that I actually need to go to my phone.


The problem could readily be solved if the "Copy TOTP" option (and "Fill TOTP" suggestion above) only displayed when there was a TOTP token to copy. Or alternatively, greyed out or had a similar visual indicator it wasn't configured...


Request 2: please make the Copy TOTP option only show when there's a TOTP secret configured.

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Would be great! Other products already do this automatically (user - password - totp - Logged in!)

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Signed up just to make this post. This is an obvious feature and one that should have been rolled out either with the release of TOTP or shortly after. Almost two years now and we're still missing this essential baseline functionality.


If TOTP is a serious offering then it should be treated as such and given the right click integration username and password have. Simple as that.

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Also -- allow for viewing the TOTP seed.