Merge feature for Vault entries

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Merge feature for Vault entries

Merge feature for Vault entries

In the vault, one can select two or more passwords, and do several operations on those. One missing option is to merge them together. I have found that I occasionally get two entries for the same site. This either results in two nearly identical entries (and the security checker complaining that I reused a password) or entries where one has the current information and the others have out-of-date information. Being able to merge these with a tool that highlights differences (including differences in password age) would be very helpful.

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A slight addition to this:


I have a number of entries for the same service that might be under different URLs.  One for the website, one for the smartphone app for example.  Many business sites use multiple URLs but still all use a single-sign-on.


These scenarios are the same service using the same password, but LastPass complains of reused passwords.  As mentioned above, there should be an ability to merge or link vault entries so that LastPass knows they are the same service, and not to complain about the security of it.



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Yes totally agree, just had a 20 minute international phone call with LastPass about this exact issue.