Minimise Lastpass on Mac OS Startup

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Minimise Lastpass on Mac OS Startup

Minimise Lastpass on Mac OS Startup

There is currently no option to start Lastpass minimised on Mac OS boot up, following log in.  Setting Login Items to Hide Lastpass does not work.


Please consider adding an option to minimise / hide Lastpass on Mac OS boot / log in.


Thanks 🙂

New Member

I can't believe there isn't a larger response to this problem.

This used to be an option with LastPass and it used to work.

Now LastPass opens the user's vault every time they start their computer. The whole point of LastPass is that it works in the background. The user does not have to think about it.


We need to be able to start LastPass minimised/hidden.

New Member

I can confirm that Mac's autohide solution isn't working. Especially given that this feature used to exist, + that the tray icon is still showing, it should be a fairly easy fix!