Move lastpass icon to right of entry field

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Move lastpass icon to right of entry field

Move lastpass icon to right of entry field

Most of the time it’s ok, but more and more sites seem to be sticking icons inside the right side of their entry fields. The lastpass icon sits right on top of them and only with very careful mouse work and I able to click the right icon.
Could the icons maybe move to the right if the shift key is held if something like that?

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The space provided on most websites seems too short, when generating a LastPass password.  The Last Pass icon to generate a password never leaves the space, even after generating a new password.  The icon obscures the last few digits of your new password.   This becomes a problem when you have to manually enter the password and LastPass didn't save it.

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I agree, there are more comments for this item. Please check and raise the priority.

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Your LastPass button (four dots) that appears in the username / password fields, often is on top of the “show password” button (often a little eye). Sometimes that makes it impossible to press the show password button.


I suggest you move your four dots to another location or slightly offset from the current location.

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On the right there are those 3 dots to enter a password and username.

But quite often (nearly) on top of that is the eye symbol or something similar.

That makes it very hard to use LP.


So my request is placing the 3 dots at a different spot.

Start, middle or outside the entry field

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Fix the Auto Generate Secure password on password field. This happens a lot if its a new account or if I running  my security score and trying to fix old passwords. The "auto generate button" from LastPass is in the same place that the websites "eye icon" or "show" or "hide" button is. Since they are over lapping you cant run the auto generate right from the password field. 


I know you can right click and generate secure password. Then a lot of extra steps to go to anther tab, copy and then go back the page your on paste it in.  There a another way around it.  If you zoom in on the page. You can then be able to be able to click on it. 




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I have reported an issue over the LastPass icon with the "eye" icon to unhide the text from a password field in the  webform. The icons are overlapped and occur an interaction conflict when I click on Lastpass icon or eye icon as shown below.

I meet this problem in all web browser brands and in all web site owners where this option is integrated in the login webform. 

This problem could be resolved if there is an option to move the default Lastpass icon position on the left side of webform field in place of the right side (current situation)2022-02-19 (1).png2022-02-19 (2).png


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Another example of icon conflict

2022-02-19 (5).png


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This is an issue for me as well. Can we get the LastPass icon moved?LastPass Feedback.png