Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

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Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

LastPass Vault should allow for multiple URLs to one entry 

The reason:

You have one account for a single service but need to log in on multiple domains or surfaces: The same login works on their homepage, on a support page (that uses a different URL) or their mobile app.


The issue:

Autofill does only work with one URL today so I have to search manually in LastPass for the correct password again and again and that is very annoying.


Since this s the same account I refuse to generate multiple entries for those.

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This feature already exists - except your wording is off.  Well, at least partly.  You can have one set of credentials work at multiple domain names.
It's called equivalent domains.

It's under 'account settings.


You're welcome!

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Thanks @Logic  for that tip. Wasn´t aware of this. Now the next question occurs - what is the correct entry here if it´s about apps? I have a banking app on ios and have the password in my vault. When I open the banking app I get asked for the password and I can choose autofill with lastpass. But lastpass doesn´t know which entry to take. So I have to search for the name of the banking app in the lastpass dialogue each and every time. Then I click on it and the login works just fine. How can I match this app and its entry in lastpass so that lastpass exactly knows which password to use when I open the app? Thanks for your support



I came here wanting to suggest that equivalent domains be less of a gigantic pain to use, and found this suggestion already here, which appears to address basically the same thing..  I don't "refuse to generate multiple entries" and in some places domains aren't even actually equivalent, they just share an SSO structure in the background of their completely disparate sites (the Google and Facebook widgets are somewhat an example of that practice widespread, but many others exist and some don't let you just press a button; you do actually have to log in using the account, you just don't have to create a *new* account for that site.)  But creating an equivalent domain is an incredibly clunky and annoying experience, which is rarely worth the trouble compared to having two entries (which both have to be updated every time your password changes, but at least both work consistently and don't require you to manually type in a list of TLDs.)

However, there's also that "security checkup" constantly popping up to remind you that your username and password are the same on both of these sites, so it would be almost trivial to have a "Make them equivalent" or "merge accounts" button or something, to have LastPass be(come) aware that you are NOT reusing the same password in a dozen places, but that one single account has a dozen different URLs (e.g. an Active Directory login that is applicable to all different URLs in that organization's domain.)  This would make the security challenge thing become an actually useful function instead of a constant false alarm, and let you update with a new password only once each time you change your environment's password.


Clearly, it will be difficult to account for the myriad constellations in which such overlap may become manifest. But an attempt at managing would most certainly be welcome to many.


How do I handle multiple IP addresses?  I tried setting them up in "Equivalent Domains", but doesn't seem to work.  I don't get a login suggestion when browsing to the IP. 


I also tried adding multiple entries in the "URL" field and separating them by a comma... that didn't work.   I wish it were this easy. 

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I will give this suggestion a bump/vote.


Furthermore, I have always used Lastpass as my 'source of truth' for any and all login hyperlinks I need to save.

That is to say, not only does Lastpass remember every password in my life... it also remembers for me the 400 web portals on which I maintain accounts.

If two of these portals share account credentials, the issues noted above are valid.  (Equivalence is clunky, Apps are excluded, Security Check shows less than 100% compliance, etc.)  


I would add, though, that equivalence fails entirely to address my original point:  Where can I easily see my login portal hyperlinks so I may choose which portal to enter?  As of now, I will continue to maintain two entries (For Github and my linked Development Boot Camp login; for my bank's Mobile and Desktop login sites,) but I think the ability to set two entries as 'Associated,' thus removing them from the security conflict list, would make more sense than the 'equivalent domain' model.

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I agree that equivalent domains is not the same as allowing multiple URLs for one password.  Two examples:

  • Auto is not reliable when using equivalent domains
  • Different URLs on the same domain could have different passwords.  Consider:
    • domain1/userportal.html
    • domain1/adminportal.html
    • domain2/userportal.html
    • domain2/adminportal.html

Lastpass should handle those four different scenarios with two passwords (one for both user user portals, one for both admin portals) and correctly autofill all four pages with the appropriate credentials.

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The equivalent domains functionality is nice, but not accessible on a mobile device. 

Any credential should instead have a "+" next to the url to add more url's for the same credential. 

The way it is right now, i would have to switch to my pc as soon as i create a password for two sites and open my account settings..  Very inconvenient.

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This seems like a trivial feature that would really improve user experience. +1 for multiple URLs per entry! Equivalent Domains just doesn't quite cut it!


Ok, just started using LastPass and will add my voice to "make it better" brigade.


In my case I have three urls for a particular streaming service I use. It appears that they're primarily used for different ingress points on different device types. Each url ultimately hits the same backend stream using the same username/pwd combination. Of course this means LastPass is not happy and wants me to change the password. 


At a minimum, I should be able to associate those two entries so that they're seen as one, and not get notifications about reused passwords.