Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

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Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

LastPass Vault should allow for multiple URLs to one entry 

The reason:

You have one account for a single service but need to log in on multiple domains or surfaces: The same login works on their homepage, on a support page (that uses a different URL) or their mobile app.


The issue:

Autofill does only work with one URL today so I have to search manually in LastPass for the correct password again and again and that is very annoying.


Since this s the same account I refuse to generate multiple entries for those.

Active Contributor

Agree with y'all.  I just mentioned Equivalent Domains because it's way better than no feature in this area. 

New Member

I want to add my agreement to this feature request.


From an UX design perspective I'd like it to work like a merging/linking of accounts similar to what Apple and Google have for their contacts apps. Something like that would easily work both from the app as well as from the WebUI. I don't mind if technically all it does is merge the two accounts by copying the url from one account to the other and then remove it.


This is much more preferable to a UX design where you have to copy the url and then manually add them within the account. Reason would be because this is manageable from the WebUI but copying urls/uris in the app will be a pain. Also adding login account for an app is simple in a phone but identifying it's url and copy pasting it into a field will not be so simple.

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Out of 22 comments so far, I think 20 of them are asking for the multiple URLs feature.  I'm piling on to that request.  It is necessary for me to be able to continue using LastPass.  I used Bitwarden as a consultant and it was great.  Now that I am working full-time for a company that uses LastPass I am struggling with the lack of this basic function.