Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

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Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

Multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault

LastPass Vault should allow for multiple URLs to one entry 

The reason:

You have one account for a single service but need to log in on multiple domains or surfaces: The same login works on their homepage, on a support page (that uses a different URL) or their mobile app.


The issue:

Autofill does only work with one URL today so I have to search manually in LastPass for the correct password again and again and that is very annoying.


Since this s the same account I refuse to generate multiple entries for those.

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Equivalent domains stink!

We need a way to enter multiple URL on ONE card.

And we need to allow for regex there.

Example * should work.

And we might want to be more specific on some.


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Agree on multiple URLs.

It should also be fairly easy to implement and therefore already be implemented.............

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I use multiple URLs for having an IP based login and a DNS based login. 

That way I can use either for logging in to my devices. 





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@SDRyan  You don't seem to understand the point here. If you have a user/pw combination that works for multiple URLs that is annoying in LastPass...


Imagine you have an account with a homepage ( and their respective support page ( - somehow they have two distinct URLs, but share one account database. If you save the account for their page (, then on the support page ( the account will not automatically be displayed, because it has a different URL.


This is annoying as hell and very easy to fix, it would seem.

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Coming from Bitwarden and this is something pretty needed and basic.

When you have a password stored for a page and isn't set for the phone, you can search it, select it and Bitwarden asked you to fill with that password and at the same time if you want to add the new URI/URL



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So CRAZY that I cannot SIMPLY add URLs comma separated in the URL of a record! 

Bitwarden is my next destination, I am almost there. I am starting to hate Lastpass for so many aspects. (One of them being: Not possible to give edit permission or transfer ownership of a shared password is really killing my workflow. And the time it takes to receive a shared password is SO long! - stop ranting)

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I agree with many of the above comments, but I came to it from the different perspective of the URL for starting the login process was different to that used for the actual login, i.e. "" for login window but that opened "" for the actual entry of username and password.  This situation is annoying in that one has to have a dummy password entry to "launch" into the site.  The "equivalent domain" solution did work for my situation, though I wonder whether different companies might use the same "" in future leading to another problem.


Yes, let us have multiple URL on a password entry to solve both of these problems.

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Another sub0feature that would help is the option to select an existing vault entry if Lastpass pops up the "do you want to save" dialogue, to which the new URL can then be added.
Plus, the possibility to merge existing entries



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I like this idea very much because it would make my Vault far less crowded.

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I'd also like to say that Equivalent Domains does not do everything that multiple URLs would and Equivalent Domains is much more complicated to use than multiple URLs would be.