Need to edit custom item

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Need to edit custom item

Need to edit custom item

Have made a new custom item and want to edit it, make som changes.

I only have a trashcan icon, and no edit icon.

How do I edit a custom item?

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Currently there is not a way to edit a Custom Item once it has been created, you would need to create a new Custom Item with the desired field(s.) I have passed your feedback along to our development team for consideration in future updates as other users have expressed interest in this feature being added as well.

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I was hoping to edit the name of my custom field to use it for more and also change fields, but cannot,


I would also like the ability to edit custom items.  Thanks.

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2 years passed and this feature still not available, I could add option to share custom item to family members as well aditionally to being able edit custom item.
Also make URL and other auto field available to custom item would be great.
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Being able to copy and then edit an item like an Address item is critical. The vault GUI is pretty much useless without that capability. I can believe people have been talking about that for years and it's fallen on deaf ears.

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I completely agree. PLEASE add this feature. Also please add the ability to duplicate an item. That way you could make a new one with similar entries and just change the fields that are different.
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