One-time password for Lastpass Family

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One-time password for Lastpass Family

One-time password for Lastpass Family

It would be very helpful to have the one-time password entry in site entries. Currently it is only usable for LastPass Business users. So you got use the OTP without any authenticator app. Here you can the example from the support page:

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Adding this feature will help me migrating from KeePass (with OTP plugin). Lack of this functionality is a no go for me.

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I was moving from 1Password to Lastpass, then I found out this is not supported in Premium?? I'm really surprised. Guess I'll not be moving then.

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I'am a Business user but I can't use this feature on my IOS device? the App isn't supporting it?

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2FA is vital in this day and age. Being able to share TOTP codes in family units is the only way this can work with shared accounts.


TOTP storage per-password entry is a standard feature in competing products (BitWarden, for one). It should be standard for paid Family plans on LastPass. This feature should not be paywalled in Business only. Shared TOTP is essential to password security and needs to be brought to Family plans ASAP.