Option to display security questions and answers

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Option to display security questions and answers

Option to display security questions and answers

I often use unique and fictional answers and questions for the security challenges since social engineering or public sites is a very effective tool to get this info (ie: High school attended).


I would like an option to see the info easily as an additional field when more information is displayed. For instance in the dropdown box to copy userid or password. Right now I have to edit the entry to see my notes.


Active Contributor

I also use unique lies for every security question; I keep the questions and the lies in Notes.

Active Contributor

As do I and especially when on mobile I need to EDIT the notes field and can't even just copy out of it. Being able to list, and copy the answers to them, for up to 5 questions and answers would be helpful.

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Password field is by default hidden behind masterpassword, but Note is not. Since there are often security challenges or backup codes stored, which can give you access to the account all the same, it should also be hidden.

Or, as above, aditional fields (also hidden behind masterpassword) should be the default way to do it.

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I do the same and would love a way to easily copy/paste the answers.  I would prefer they be unique fields available in addition to the user name and password.


yeah, i think it would be a lot easier than type everything evrytime from the start... I don't like it, so I hope to see more easier action in future, like for an example shaving a beard or something like that, I don't know.

New Contributor

Agreed. Make Security Questions part of the password entry, or at the very least, be able to display Notes without having to go into edit mode.