Password Blacklist option for Enterprise Admins

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Password Blacklist option for Enterprise Admins

Password Blacklist option for Enterprise Admins

Does LastPass Enterprise offer the ability to blacklist passwords?


This ensures that commonly exploited passwords cannot be used and gets flagged if saved within the LastPass vault.

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The better thing to do would be:

For enterprise type licenses, disallow the use of blacklisted passwords as the Master Password employees set on their accounts.

Warn about blacklisted password for items in the vault.

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Ironically we can add a tag to these suggestions.

Why are tags needed?

Because the search bar brings up words as they appear in order in the Notes field, but tags allow for poor memory and better filtering down of what is being searched for.

I'm surprised they haven't been built into the product.

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Hi, as admins you can enforce certain policies that can prevent the use of easy or common passwords, or prevent the reuse of passwords.  Please review LastPass Admin Management of Master Passwords 


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That's all nice and dandy, but it doesn't prevent someone from using words that a business wants to deem "blacklisted".

If such as word is detected, it should be disallowed.

So there should be a mechanism that allows you to create a list of words to check against that are not allowed to use in your master password, and warn you if they're being used for passwords saved in the vault.


So if we say the word "Acme" is not allowed, and someone tries to make a password of "Acme123abc!!)" it would get flagged.