Password Generator icon should NOT obscure "view password" icon

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Password Generator icon should NOT obscure "view password" icon

Password Generator icon should NOT obscure "view password" icon

Look at this screen capture:
Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 4.19.24 PM.png
cannot press the view password icon. Sometimes in the past I've been able to find a few pixels that I can click on it. However, on this webpage, I cannot click it. It always wants to generate a password. So thus, it's actually broken. It's a bug. But I still have a feature suggestion for dealing with it.


I never use the password generator, ever, so my requested feature is to move the generator icon to the far left and/or have it disappear entirely when a password field has at least one character.




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I agree

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I use both, so I don't agree with the "get rid of it since I don't use it" implications.. and sometimes it's the other way around: the site's "view password" icon obscures LastPass's "Fill this password" button, which is equally annoying when I want that password filled.  However, the point stands, that icon should be moved or at least able to be moved so it doesn't interfere with what's already there.

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very carefully said the following:
"when a password field has at least one character." (new emphasis)
Because, some people use it. Of course I do not want limited function, hence wanting access to the Show Password button AND the Generator.


Don't worry. This is still good advice.


did say I do not use it, but I never said "just remove it".....

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This appears to be fixed in a recent version! Now the words "show" and "hide" are spelled out and the mouse can easily click either the word or the Password Generator icon.




I have frequently been slowed down, or even blocked, on a given site because of competing overlays like this.  I'd like some approach that can give me concurrent access to each overlay item.  Ideally, LastPass would be able to inspect the field and explicitly position its own overlay >beside< any other overlay(s) in that field.


But, if that information isn't (consistently) available, how about this: Give us an option that would make the LastPass overlay icon "hop", say, 20 pixels to the left every, say, 5 seconds. Do that  times (for N = 3 or 4?) and then have the next shift be back to the original placement.  For the sunny day scenario (when there's no competing overlay), the user will likely have finished with that page (or at least that input field), and not even see the LastPass overlay "hop". But when there is a competing overlay, five seconds isn't too long to wait for it to move, making both overlays accessible, so then they can activate whichever one they want.


P.S. (Mar 2nd): In regard to the comment about this having been fixed in a recent release, I'm referring primarily to the scenario where the "view password" icon is placed there by the website itself, and thus (I presume) not under control of LastPass.


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competing overlays are very frustrating.  Is there any known workaround?  

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Not sure if this will help, but I find that turning on the "Disable Autofill" for a site, disables LastPass's controls and lets the websites controls shine through. You can always turn it back off later. And you can use the right click "Fill" to still fill a site. 

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Agreed. Just suggest a feature for making said icon, optional. 

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Moving the overlay would solve this recurring problem, desktop or mobile phone. As mentioned by others, sometimes by incremental mouse movements I can get to the LP icon to fill in the field. Moving the popup would help a lot.