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Password Generator option - 'easy-to-type'

Password Generator option - 'easy-to-type'

Currently the LP password generator includes helpful options like easy-to-say and easy-to-read.  Another helpful feature would be including an easy-to-type  option that would make for still secure but easier-to-enter passwords on mobile or set-top devices.  For instance, on a Roku or SmartTV, entering in a strong generated password like '7k3gR!YGu$RC8e^3kSpRQPn$' using a two-or-three button remote and an on-screen-keyboard is a nightmare, specifically due to having to switch from upper to lower case and from A-Z to symbols/numbers.  To avoid this, I edit the generated passwords.  For instance, the generated value '7k3gR!YGu$RC8e^3kSpRQPn$' above becomes:  '7383RYGRCSRQP$!^$kguekpn'.   It's the same data but the symbols, numbers, and upper/lower-case letters are in contiguous blocks.  This avoids the maddening context switching when entering on a mobile device or set-top-box.  


Seems like a simple and helpful feature that would require just a bit of string manipulation at runtime.   You could make the appearance or order of the character classes vary from one generation to the next to avoid patterns in the generated output.

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I too would like to see the option of a phrase string to make it more secure


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