Premium Plan Personal: Password Age (report or UI)

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Premium Plan Personal: Password Age (report or UI)

Premium Plan Personal: Password Age (report or UI)

This request is to add the ability to see the last time an account's password was changed.


In the UI there is a "Last used" column. In the Security Dashboard there is "password reused" view.

For me it would be great to show the password age or date it was last changed. This information seems to be already present in the account properties "Password History". In the UI, it would be nice to see the age/last changed information similar to what I see in KeePass.

For the Security Dashboard scoring, I would think the age of the password should also be part of the scoring process.

Thank you

Active Contributor

This would be terrific.   With the latest data breach and then going through all my sites to change passwords, it would have been easier if I could have easily kept track of which ones were updated since the breach.

Active Contributor

This is a great idea idea. If a Last Changed Date column was added on the Security Dashboard \ Password Security page, you could then sort all of the password by Last Changed date. As well as with the "Risk" if we could set a time frame, say 1 year or 6 months, and when a Last Changed Date goes past the defined time, it becomes a "Risk" would be awesome.

New Member

Why isn't this already an option?

Active Contributor

I agree, we need more thumbs up to get this on the dev purview.