Provide a Safari Extension for iOS 15

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Provide a Safari Extension for iOS 15

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Provide a Safari Extension for iOS 15

Now iOS 15 is released, will LastPass be releasing a Safari Extension for it?


If not then this will be what finally pushes me over to 1Password

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Also would like to know this. LastPass on Android and iOS/iPadOS has been pretty painful for a while now. It doesn't capture passwords when I create new accounts and too often doesn't recognise username/password input fields and I have to go and separately open the LastPass app to copy each across. 


I see that 1Password released their iOS15 Safari Extension support almost immediately, glad to see that they've got their eye on the mobile game and willing to communicate that to their customers. I'm in agreement with @TobyCG , I will be looking at 1Password when my annual subscription is due for renewal. 

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That's a very good point new account creation, it's a monumental pain on mobile.


In fact I had to register on this very forum to post my comment which I did on my iPad. Whilst I could use the LastPass app to generate a password, there is no easy way to actually create an entry in the vault, so I have to log in again back on my PC in order for Lastpass to pick it up and create a vault entry.  Utterly ridiculous.


Whilst I'm a paying customer, the huge change in the free version restricting to a single device type has already made the choice between Lastpass and 1Password tougher for many.  As @zja says, with 1Password offering a Safari Extension for iOS15 on day one and not even any information from Lastpass on whether they plan to offer the same, I'll be jumping ship too come renewal time unless things improve.

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Hi @TobyCG,


Our team is looking to release a Safari extension update for iOS 15, although currently we do not have an ETA or any additional news to share just yet. I've moved your post to the Feature Suggestion area of the community so that our team can see this is a feature users are requesting. 

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A month later and still nothing.  There was an update around Sep 27th which contained some promises of improved password generation for iOS but no timescales or updates since and still zero news on any possible Safari Extensions.


I don't expect you to pull an extension or password generation updates out of a magic hat but there needs to be not only more pro-active development, especially when your primary competitor had a Safari Extension ready on day one, but more concrete roadmaps so we know what to expect and when.


Unless there's far more of this by the time my renewal comes round, I'm off and I suspect many others will feel the same.