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Referencing to passwords

Referencing to passwords

It would be nice if we could reference passwords, especially when we work with applications.

We have multiple hosts with the same password, rather than entering the password for each connections we could reference to a "global" password.

Or maybe it would be possible to create global password variables and use them in different applications.

For example in our linux environment where we connect with a regular user via ssh to a server and then we have to switch to a more privileged user. For the second login we could then use the referenced password.


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Maybe describe your idea another way?  I can't grok it.

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So maybe it's a little bit easier to understand with screenshots.


In my password tab I want to create a new password entry as a global variable. As an example root.





Then i would create an application login, with my regular user and password. 

I open a ssh session with the username and password defined in the application. After the login I use the comand "sudo su" to switch to root. Here I want to input the root password (global variable).

-ssh {USERNAME}@<hostname> -pw {PASSWORD} sudo su {GlobalPassword}




This would be the cli view:

mabucher@sjospco201_ ~_2020-10-15_10-02-53.png


If this still isnt clear maybe we can have a screen session and I can show you




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Now I have some idea. I’m just another user- not a developer. 

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An other example for the need of this feature is, different portals to the same backend.

for example: 

External portal:

Internal portal: https://login.internalportal.local

Both urls give acces to one backend service.

Different urls, but in the end the same backend system.