Save secure note without closing

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Save secure note without closing

Save secure note without closing

When configuring an online service, I make multiple changes to the security settings and prefer to keep these in a lastpass secure note.


Presently, the save option within the note also closes it. This is inconvenient as I then have to search for the note again and reopen it.  This tends to make me defer saving and then I might forget and lose the latest changes to the note.


It would be far better to have separate save and close actions.

New Member

On the Last Pass  website we could definitely use a "save" button and a "save and close" button. When entering information it's cumbersome to save and it closes the window. A save button that would not close the window would be very helpful.

New Contributor

This improvement should be implemented in all windows that are used for editing, but most importantly in these two:

1.  Edit secure note

2. Edit password