Security Summary Dashboard for the entire Family

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Security Summary Dashboard for the entire Family

Security Summary Dashboard for the entire Family

As the Family Manager, I would like the ability to see a high-level security dashboard for all my family members in a single view: Security score by family member along with at-risk password counts, Dark web accounts monitored vs. not, MFA on/off, etc... 

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indeed, seems like the whole point to have a family/group set up with one responsible person orchestrating - ie other than a group discount, this must be why you'd want to enrol family members, to help them avoid bad practices etc.


Lets assume that 'family members' = parents of IT literate people, or children of IT literate people, and lets assume that this means the invitees are either - elderly (IT vulnerable) or young (IT vulnerable ++ other aspects).

In both these cases, it is not always likely that they will self-manage poor password choices, and the 'responsible' IT person (who probably paid for the family membership for the group) would like to be informed of the risks they carry, in order to assist with resets etc.


Logmein, you could clean up if you were able to offer this as a feature - what security conscious person isn't worried by what their elderly parents are exposing themselves to, or their kids?