Security score should include Server passwords

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Security score should include Server passwords

Security score should include Server passwords

We have a number of Enterprise shared folders that store server passwords. Currently these do not get a security score. Would be nice if all item types that have a password field would be included in the security score for finding weak / duplicate passwords.

Active Contributor

Completely agree. This should be a standard feature. Hard to show password security scores if every company password resides in a Shared Folder. Right now it's:

Manager: "We have xxx weak passwords, we have xxx duplicated passwords"

Client: "Which passwords are weak or duplicated?"

Manager: "Not sure, we'll have to dig through every single password"

New Member

The same goes for my family account. I share most of my passwords with my wife and some with my wife and kids. Those are all in shared folders and therefor are all excluded from de Security Dashboard. This is a huge let down for me because I think the Security Dashboard features are very useful.

I really hope to see this changed soon.

New Member

I have this exact issue, with my family account. All of my passwords are inside shared folders, and as such  I receive the notice that I have zero passwords in my vault. No security score, no dark web monitoring. 

This needs to be fixed.  As having passwords in shared folders was the sole purpose of me subscribing.