Sharing folders between linked LastPass Teams and Families

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Sharing folders between linked LastPass Teams and Families

Sharing folders between linked LastPass Teams and Families

I see several questions on this topic in the forum, but no resolution. I'm using Enterprise for work and just signed up for Families only to realize that shared Family folders are no longer visible when logged into my enterprise account, even though I have my personal account linked. This is extremely annoying, especially on the mobile app. Please help us access all our passwords in one place!

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This is preposterous! I finally got my family set up with sharing and now can’t access anything. This is a travesty! I want my

money back!

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It seems at this point like LogMeIn is just monetizing their investment in LastPass (acquired in 2015 for $110 million) and not putting any effort into continuing development of the product.  They have not innovated or improved the LastPass since 2017 when they released the LastPass Families plan - at this point they also doubled the price of the Premium version without adding any new features to it.  This issue has been present and documented, with no action taken, since then. 


Our company also recently evaluated LogMeIn's Central product, which also felt like it had been built several years ago and not continuously improved.  If you are considering implementing one of their products keep this in mind.  I would love to see them turn the corner on this.  I have been a big fan, and a big proponent, of LastPass over the years.  That said, if we don't see some necessary improvements we will strongly consider cancelling our Enterprise subscription in favor of something like 1Password.  If someone at LogMeIn is reading this, I am happy to jump on a call to share this feedback candidly.  We want this product to continue to be successful!

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I discovered this issue a few days ago and actually contacted support on it only to be told that it isn't currently possible to do this. Please, please, pleas, it is a massive inconvenience to have to log out and into my personal account on a phone I use for both personal and work uses. As it's not good practice to dupe passwords, it makes it extremely difficult to sign into shared bank accounts when signed into my enterprise account.

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My last company used 1Password and this was not an issue. It's so easy to switch between vaults. I've been with LastPass for my personal info for YEARS and just joined a company that used LP Teams. At first I was excited until I realized how painful it is to manage my family folders and my work folders. I have to juggle logins and am constantly having to switch. Please do better!

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I just discovered this same issue. Frustrating to have to switch accounts on the phone. Wouldn't have expected this when Teams/Enterprise and Family accounts are linked together.

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This may be solved for business account subscribers, but it is still an issue with team account subscribers -- and seriously degrades the value of the product for the very people who would otherwise be super-users and super-promoters. Now I have to use one system for business and another for personal/family -- and I'm not likely to recommend the product to my network of family friends and colleagues.  That's the opposite of strategic for LastPass. Hope the developers can correct this and give people like me a reason to recommend the product again. 

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I think this is now completely fixed.  I can see all shared personal folders on iOS.

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I believe I also see it working for me on a Teams subscription under iOS as well!  Such a relief!  Thanks for the heads up @jamesonrw !

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Confirmed working with LastPass Business. I logged into my business account on iOS and can see items within my personal vault, including items in Shared Folders!

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Thank you, this looks like it's working for me in the browser extension, but still not on the Android app. Getting closer to a full resolution hopefully!