Sharing of passwords is medieval

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Sharing of passwords is medieval

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Sharing of passwords is medieval

Sharing passwords in LastPass is so cumbersome and for me a reason to move to alternative. Does anyone know a good alternative that does support easy sharing, e.g. 1Password? The way it is done in LastPass seems like coming from the era when Internet was just starting...



- I cannot easily tick boxes when sharing an item but have to re-enter all family email addresses each time

- wanting to move an item to a shared folder I get a message I can only save a copy as it is already shared, even when I just revoked the share!?!

- moving an item to a shared folder forces you to lose the categorization as 'Shared Folder' is at the same hiearchical level as the category folders.


Why can I not just have a list of my passwords, select some and then get a dialogue with whom I want to share in which manner (e.g. hidden, read-only, fully accessible --> and then automatically updated for all users when someone who is authorized changes a password)?

How hard can that be?