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Show shared sites in main vault

Show shared sites in main vault

When I put an item in a shared folder, the item is removed from my detailed folder - for instance, if I share my Best Western login/password item it is moved to the shared folder and no longer resides in the Travel folder.


I wish it would remain in my folder and had an icon that said "shared" instead.  The shared folder gets clunky by not being sorted and also if I am looking at my travel folder, Best Western is no longer there!



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This is a big thing to me. I purchased LastPass family specifically because of the ability to share items. I am trying to neatly organize all my passwords. When I create a shared folder and move everything to said shared folder, now nothing is organized. As KathieGB stated, an icon showing that it was shared, with the ability to hover over it and see said shares, would be excellent. Instead of moving items to the shared folder create something like a symbolic link to the items. This would, in my opinion, greatly improve the product.

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I recently upgraded to Families for the ability to share passwords and now realize that sharing in LastPass is so unworkable that I may have to subscribe to a competing product that allows sharing passwords in Collections that can remain organized to the end-user's personal tastes. 

Sharing should be completely independent of an organization structure (I should be able to share an entire folder as well as individual passwords, but the recipient should be able to organize those entries however they choose to). 

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I definitely have to agree with all that's been written here.


Family sharing is a disgrace the way it is handled. If I had known this, I probably would have looked around for a better solution.


I mean, I was absolutely satisfied as a single user, but the sharing is SO bad.


Shared items should have an icon associated with them at all times. A hand with an up arrow for shared to and a hand with a down arrow for shared from.


Also, being able to allocate our own name to an item shared to us is critical. This is because someone else's idea of a useful name can be wildly different to ours.